[ Privacy Policy ]


The shopping mall will collect the minimum personal information that is needed to provide the service to the customer. The following are the required information and other than that is optional information.


Registration number (for members) of foreigner registration number


Phone number

ID (for members)

Password (for members)

Email address (or mobile phone number)

When the shopping mall collects the customer’s personal information, the shopping mall should obtain consent from the customer in question in according to related laws and regulations.

The collected personal information should not be used for other purposes without customer’s consent or provided to the third party. The shopping mall will bear all responsibilities regarding this. However, the followings can be an exception.

Providing the minimum customer information (name, address, and phone number) needed for goods delivery to the delivery company.

If the information is provided for statistics compilation, academic research, or market survey in such way that the information cannot identify a particular person.

If the information is needed to settle down the payment for goods trade.

If individual verification is needed to prevent illegal use.

Under the unavoidable circumstances due to laws and regulations.

If the shopping mall should obtain customer’s consent according to Paragraph 2 and 3 of the Terms and Conditions, the shopping mall should specify or notify the information in advance, which is stipulated in the Article 2 of Chapter 22 of Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Protection of Information Act, such as the identity of the privacy manager (department, name, phone number, and other contact information), purpose of collecting and using the information, and matters related to the information provision to the third party (information receiver, purpose of provision, and contents of the information to provide). The customer is free to cancel the agreement at any time.

The customer can request the retrieval and error correction of his/her personal information possessed by the shopping mall at any time, and the shopping mall should assume the responsibility of taking necessity measures without delay. If the customer request error correction, the shopping mall should not use the personal information in question until correction is made.

The shopping mall should minimize the number of personal information handlers to protect the personal information. The shopping mall take the responsibility of compensating for the damages of the customer that occurred due to the loss, stealing, disclosure, or alteration of the customer’s personal information due to company’s fault.

The third party that received the personal information from the shopping mall or customer should destroy the personal information in question without delay, when the purpose of collecting or receiving the personal information is achieved.

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