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MONTHLY BAG1january420212$16.8
Out of Stock
MONTHLY BAG2february420212$16.8
MONTHLY BAG3march420212$16.8
MONTHLY BAG4april420212$16.8
MONTHLY BAG5may420212$16.8
MONTHLY BAG6june420212$16.8
Out of Stock
MONTHLY BAG7july420212$16.8
Out of Stock
MONTHLY BAG8august420212$16.8
Out of Stock
MONTHLY BAG9september420212$16.8
Out of Stock
MONTHLY BAG10october420212$16.8
MONTHLY BAG11november420212$16.8
MONTHLY BAG12december420212$16.8

Inspired by birthstone of 12 months, it is a monthly cotton bag in twelve colors.

It’s good to choose a meaningful month for me or a month with a precious person’s birthday.

Size: W370 x H410 mm / W25 x L660 mm (Strap)
Material: Cotton
Country of Origin: South Korea
Manufacturer: Millimeter Milligram Co., Ltd.

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