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DAYTRIP TOTE BAG forestTOTE BAG forest420212 $29.5
Out of Stock
DAYTRIP CROSS BAG nightCROSS BAG night420212 $49.0
DAYTRIP TOTE BAG nightTOTE BAG night420212 $29.5
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DAYTRIP CROSS BAG wildflowerCROSS BAG wild flower420212 $49.0
DAYTRIP CROSS BAG forestCROSS BAG forest420212 $49.0
DAYTRIP TOTE BAG wildflowerTOTE BAG wild flower in the forest420212 $29.5
Out of Stock

Day Trip is made of bags for light hiking.

Cross bag has a cushioned inner pocket, making it easy to store 11-inch laptops without a separate pouch.

Zipper pockets are good for putting small items such as wallets, and Velcro pockets, which are easy to open and close, are convenient for storing cell phones.

Size : W320 x H240 x D80 mm
Material : Cordura fabric

Size : Ø140 x H330 mm
Material : Cordura fabric

Country of Origin: South Korea
Manufacturer: Millimeter Milligram Co., Ltd.

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