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POCKET WALLET WIDE 02 yellow Iyellow$70.0
POCKET WALLET WIDE 02 chocolate Ichocolate$70.0
POCKET WALLET WIDE 02 natural Inatural$70.0
POCKET WALLET WIDE 02 black Ipiano black$70.0

It is a pocket wallet wide made of cowhide with a spacious storage space horizontally. It is made by folding two leathers symmetrically, so the design is unique that combines the smooth side of the leather and the alive side. It consists of two pockets where cards can be stored, two secret pockets, and one long space where bills can be opened and stored. The stitch embroidered inside the wallet adds a comfortable feeling of use. The color that change by over time is also beautiful.

size : W100 x H85 mm
material : cowhide

made in Korea

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