PPF 10 medium

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PPF 10 S BW Fearth brown482010$15.0
PPF 10 S YL Fday yellow482010$15.0
PPF 10 S BK Fnight black482010$15.5
PPF 10 S GN Fpine green482010$15.0

This is 10th version of PPF which is made of high-quality bookbinding cloth. It features a solid texture and fresh color.

You can write down the date yourself and use it at any time.

Inner page is in the order of monthly, weekly, blank note, lined note.

Available for 14 months, it is small size of the two size options.

Size: W126 x H174 (mm)
Page: 80 pages
Country of Origin: South Korea
Manufacturer: Millimeter Milligram Co., Ltd.

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